About Us

Inspired by Vincent van Gogh

Our name is inspired by the creative work of Vincent van Gogh, and Starry Night is probably our favorite painting ever created. Van Gogh put himself into his work in a way that is memorable and easily recognized. His works have a directness about them that strips away any veneer of pretension and they get right to the heart and soul of the subjects he painted. We strive to create great works for our clients that are also memorable, hard to forget, and get right to the heart of what you are trying to accomplish.



Sandra Zimmermann: A creative and imaginative designer, Sandra began her career as Designer/Manager/Art Director for U Mass Dartmouth and Brown University. She worked with professors and associated hospitals and won awards for design excellence including CASE awards. Sandra went on to work for companies such as IBM, Ameriprise Financial, Innovative Realty, True Colors Print and Design, The Mountain Club on Loon, Tupelo Music Hall, Benson Ski & Sport, Boulia-Gorrell Lumber Company, and many other companies in the real estate, entertainment, hospitality, recreation, and travel industries. Sandra handles clients’ design, print materials, marketing, websites, email blasts and social media.

Formally of Prime Design Plus she now heads this new company Starry Night Creative.

Jim Zimmermann: A seasoned marketing professional with a focus on writing and copy editing who can distill even complex messages into clear and memorable copy. Jim has had a long and successful career in the IT, telecommunications, and training industries. He has worked for the some of the largest global technology/telecom firms like IBM and Fujitsu, as well as SMBs and startups. Jim had his own writing business for 10 years that focused on writing white papers, research reports, and marketing materials for a wide range of clients including Oracle, Dell, Samsung, NEC, and AT&T.  Jim handles clients’ copy and editing needs and provides marketing insights and guidance on other aspects of client projects.

Jim is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, The Union of Concerned Scientists, National Resources Defense Council, and The Sierra Club. Jim has a BS in Natural Sciences from St. Thomas Aquinas College.